The Assessment Center will be Closed Fridays from 06/05/20 – 08/15/20

Please see remote English, Math and ESL placement options by clickig on the FC English, Math and ESL Placement Guide button below.


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AB 705 gives students the right to enroll directly in transfer-level courses, unless the college can demonstrate that they are highly unlikely to succeed there, and that they will have higher completion if they begin in a remedial prerequisite course


To learn more about your options for English, ESL,Math and Reading Support courses  at Fullerton College. Please click on links below.

FC English, Math and ESL Placement Guide     FC Reading Concurrent Support Courses Guide +


Please click on button below to scheule a Chemistry assessment appointment

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: 

In light of recent guidance, Chemistry placement testing appointments have been postponed.

Chemistry Test Appt. System

Please email the Assessment Center at if you have any questions.


Fullerton College AB705 Math, English and ESL Course Placement  Videos


Please email the Assessment Center at if you have any questions.

Upon submitting your high school transcripts or completing an ESL assessment test all first time college students will schedule a Group Advising session.














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