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What you need to know to succeed in Chem. 111A

Entry Level Skills

The material learned in this course builds on the fundamentals you mastered in an introductory chemistry course such as Chemistry 107. Please speak with a chemistry instructor if you need advice regarding this course. To determine if you have the appropriate background for this course, look at the first four chapters of the Chem. 111A textbook. All of the chemistry instructors have a copy of this textbook. If the material in the first four chapters of the Chem. 111A text seem foreign, you might be enrolling in the wrong class. You might need to review some of the chemical principles in the textbook used for this course and basic math operations discussed in the Appendix of the textbook. Some knowledge of computers will be helpful.

Upon entering this course, the student needs to be able to:

1. Perform unit conversion problems

2. Apply chemical nomenclature

3. Illustrate basic atomic theory

4. Write and balance chemical equations

5. Propose total and net ionic equations

6. Demonstrate solving basic stoichiometric problems

7. Calculate empirical and molecular formulas from percentage composition data 8. Identify fundamental gas laws

9. Draw elementary Lewis structures

10. Calculate the molar masses of compounds

11. Express numbers in scientific notational form

12. Solve linear equations

13. Demonstrate factoring expressions, including finding the greatest common factor 14. Evaluate and solve logarithmic problems

14. Create algebraic expressions from word problems

15. Interpret graphs

16. Design graphs for linear expressions

17. Follow safe practices in the laboratory

Chemistry Sample Questions

 Please allow 45 minutes to complete them exam.

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