Fullerton College's ESL Course Placement remote assessements:


Fullerton College ESL Placement Process:

Students complete BOTH ESL Guided Self-Placement (GSP) and the Accuplacer assessment.  


ESL Reading Skills
The ESL Reading Skills test measures your ability to read English. Specifically, it assesses your comprehension of short passages. It contains brief passages of 50 words or less and moderate length passages of 50 to 90 words. Half of this test contains straightforward comprehension items (paraphrase, locating information, vocabulary on a phrase level, and pronoun reference). The other half assesses inference skills (main idea, fact versus opinion, cause/effect logic, identifying irrelevant information, author’s point of view and applying the author’s logic to another situation).


ESL Language Use
The ESL Language Use test measures your proficiency in using correct grammar in English sentences. There are five content areas measured on this test: (a) Nouns, Pronouns, Pronoun Case Structure; (b) Subject-Verb Agreement; (c) Comparatives, Adverbs, Adjectives; (d) Verbs; and (e) Subordination/Coordination


Please allow 2 hours to complete all sections of Fullerton College's ESL assessment process.



AB 705 gives students the right to enroll directly in transfer-level courses, unless the college can demonstrate that they are highly unlikely to succeed there, and that they will have higher completion if they begin in a remedial prerequisite course


To learn more about your options for English, ESL,Math and Reading Support courses  at Fullerton College. Please click on links below.

FC English, Math and ESL Placement Guide    


If you need accommodations for testing, please contact our Disabilities Support Services Office.


In-Person ESL Assessment Testing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our ESL assessment testing is available remotely by clicking the FC English, Math and ESL Placement Guide button above . To request an in-person ESL assessment appointment please contact the assessment center at assessment@fullcoll.edu. All in-person placement testing is by appointment only. Walk-in testing will not be available.


Students and/or any individuals seeking to use indoor campus facilities may be asked to show proof of current status: either evidence of vaccination, an approved exemption, or recent negative COVID 19 test. Please see link for more information https://www.fullcoll.edu/return/safety-first/