Practice and Be Prepared for ACCUPLACER


ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that quickly, accurately, and efficiently assesses reading, writing, math, and ESL.

Please click on links below for CLASSIC ACCUPLACER sample questions and test information.


CLASSIC ACCUPLACER College Placement Test – Sample Questions




 ACCUPLACER assessments  used for Fullerton College Course Placement.


English and Reading Course Placment:

ACCUPLACER® Reading Comprehension test

Math  Course Placement:  Adaptive Test

ACCUPLACER® Arithmetic Test             
ACCUPLACER® Elementary Algebra              
ACCUPLACER® College-Level Mathematics  


ESL Course Placement

ACCUPLACER® English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Language Use
The English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Language Use test measures a student's proficiency in using correct grammar in English Sentences.
ACCUPLACER® English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Reading Skills

Classic ACCUPLACER is not a timed test please allow 2 hours to complete all 2 sections and 1 hour for each section.

Please do not bring your own calculator. Accuplacer will be provided a calculator for individual Math questions.