Practice and Be Prepared for ACCUPLACER


ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that quickly, accurately, and efficiently assesses  ESL.

Please click on links below for CLASSIC ACCUPLACER sample questions and test information.


CLASSIC ACCUPLACER College Placement Test – Sample Questions




 ACCUPLACER assessments  used for Fullerton College ESL Course Placement.



ESL Course Placement

ACCUPLACER® English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Language Use
The English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Language Use test measures a student's proficiency in using correct grammar in English Sentences.
ACCUPLACER® English-As-A-Second Language (ESL) Reading Skills

Classic ACCUPLACER is not a timed test please allow 2 hours to complete all 2 sections and 1 hour for each section.