Math Assessment (MDTP) Sample Questions


The Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project tests are designed to measure student readiness for a broad range of mathematics courses. More importantly, the tests were developed to provide students and teachers with diagnostic information about student preparedness. This information can help students identify specific areas where additional study or review is need.


Algebra Readiness Test    50 questions     45 minutes  Recommended for students who have completed Alg. I in high school.
Elementary Algebra         50 questions     45 minutes  Recommended for students who have completed Geo/Alg II in high school.
Intermediate Algebra       45 questions     45 minutes  Recommended for students who have completed Trig. in high school.
Pre-calculus                     40 questions     60 minutes. Recommended for students who have completed Pre-Calc. and/or Cal. in high school.
No calculator allowed

If you plan to take our Math assessment. Please review our online sample questions below. These samples questions will help you identify which Math assessment test/level  is best for you.

Please Print/Screen Shot your Math level confirmation page and bring it with you when coming to take your Math assessment test. 


Do not take the placement test if you are ill prepared, not feeling well or there is any reason that your performance will not be your best.


If you are unsure of your eligibility for any of the tests, need special accommodations or are having difficulty with this website, please email us at